Our Strategy

Community Participation

The main strategy is to enhance project sustainability through material, moral, and community voluntary support.

Income Generation

Funding is currently sourced from a percentage of monthly profits from Focal Point Publishers Limited, Focal Point Cleaners Limited and Sardauna Magazine. This comes to an average of N 360, 000 on a monthly basis.

In other to ensure sustainability and better quality, we intend to source funding from the following areas:
1. Donations from Corporate Organisations through their corporate social responsibility schemes.
2. Donation from the government at all levels.
3. Donation from Donor Agencies and International NGOs
4. Formation of an Investment Trust Fund where 10% of very donation is housed and invested to ensure sustainability in the long run.
5. Get philanthropic and distinguished Nigerians to become Sardauna ambassadors. By donating N1 million to the upkeep of a child annually.

Project Management & Coordination

The foundation comprises of well-trained management staff; executive director, programme officer, administrative officer, field officers, matron, office assistant/ cleaner, driver, security men and an accountant. Our team has the knowledge and capabilities to drive the foundation in terms of sustainability, growth and the production of tangible results.


Eminent Personalities Visitation

This event will bring eminent personalities to the foundation on a yearly basis. This will showcase our progress and will help attract world attention to the plight of child destitution and the lack of girl child education in northern Nigeria. It is important to note that the Prime Minister Mike Moore of New Zealand personally in 2009. Other eminent personalities will visit the foundation on a timely basis.

Annual Sardauna National Excellence & Leadership Awards

The Award through the last four editions has grown to become one of the best yardstick of rewarding and recognizing true leadership. The awards ceremony attracts the very top echelon of our society on a yearly basis. Dr Patrick Wilmot spoke at the 2nd edition whilst Mike Moore, DG of the WTO and former Prime Minister of New Zealand spoke at the 3rd edition. We use this award to sensitize Nigerians about the challenges facing northern Nigeria in terms of child destitution and the lack of girl child education.


The media today essentially encompasses of every component of the society, thus it is impossible to ignore it. We intend to publicise our cause and drive developmental financing through the social media, conventional print and electronic media. Our proposed investment in publicity is described in our budget.


Corporate partnerships

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has acquired new dimension in the recent years. Today companies are proactively taking up kind hearted investments and giving a social face to all their business endeavors. The CSR question places a huge moral burden on companies. While some develop internally generated CSR projects, others identify reputable NGOs to partner with. This is where we come in; the challenges of child destitution and girl child education are major socio-economic issues affecting northern Nigeria. We therefore offer companies a unique opportunity to assist in tackling this problem that has become a leech on our communities.

Educational Alliances

Sardauna Media Child Destitution Eradication Foundation hopes to go into alliances with relevant agencies, NGOs and educational institutions in order to promote cross learning and improve the quality of education within our programmes. We are currently in partnership with the Federal College of Education Zaria.