Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How old is Sardauna Media Child Destitution Eradication Foundation?

    Sardauna Media Child Destitution Eradication Foundation was establish in the year 2009.
  • Why was Sardauna Media Child Destitution Eradication Foundation established?

    The foundation was established to bring succour in the lives of several child destitutes (the almajirai and the girl child) who are not privileged, by addressing the real need at the grassroot level in our communities.
  • So what is so unique about Sardauna Media Child Destitution Eradication Foundation?

    Unlike other development organization, we work on the unique model of social venture philanthropy. Through this model, we built a hostel and took good numbers of affected children off the streets by providing food, shelter and quality education.
  • What is the nature of your organization?

    The foundation works towards the eradication of child destitution and the promotion of girl child education in the Northern part of Nigeria.
  • What are the causes that Sardauna Media Child Destitution Eradication Foundation works towards?

    We mainly address the causes of education, health, shelter and feeding of less or underprivileged children in order to bring them back into mainstream of the society.
  • Why do you stress on education, when there are other equally pressing issues in the country?

    Education alone is the power that can save the underprivileged from poverty, not only in terms of earning a livelihood but also becoming aware of their freedoms and rights as citizens of Nigeria, thus empowering individuals into becoming self- dependent.
  • How many projects do you have in the country? How many people do you reach through these projects?

    There are 36 direct beneficiaries of the foundation at present ( 24 boys and 12 girls). This is a modest count considering that our reach keeps growing by every passing day. The foundation has built up a hostel in the community. We hope to steadily build awareness through advocacy in other areas of Northern Nigeria.
  • Who are Almajirai?

    An almajiri is a student who undergoes Islamic lessons from his mallam. The Almajiri system is a noble system of education that entails movement from one location to another to seek for knowledge in a boarding system under the supervision of the mallams. In the past, the mallams and community were totally responsible for upkeep and knowledge.
  • How do I ensure that whatever I donate will be used correctly?

    The entire management process of the foundation is evaluated by a 3 tier audit system programme. Besides the management, the foundation has a Board of Trustees and an advisory board of eminent Nigerians. Across board these are people with the means and reputation to manage the foundation correctly. We ensure that non of our staff accept cash payments in order to maintain transparency. We encourage our supporters to make all donations only through bank transfer, cheques or bank drafts
  • Can I donate old clothes, computers, books, food supplies, etc.?

    We appreciate your inclination to support to our cause in all the possible ways .However, we do not accept used clothes for health reasons but we do accept every other donation.
  • Why Islamic and Western Education?

    Traditionally, Islamic Education as come to stay in Northern Nigeria. It is a wide based educational system that teaches all aspect of values and peaceful coexistence. At Sardauna Media Child Destitution Eradication Foundation, it is strategic to encourage people towards western education by bringing it side by side the Islamic Education.
  • What curriculum do you follow in your educational programmes?

    The foundation follows a harmonised primary and secondary universal basic educational board curriculum where the project is present and operational.
  • How can I get associated with Sardauna Media Child Destitution Eradication Foundation?

    Through corporate supports, development agencies, educational institution, voluntary teachings and media fraternity. You can associate with us in any of the above mentioned ways.