Our Charter

  • Motto

    Safeguarding the future of the next generation.
  • Mission Statement

    To play a leading role in the societal efforts to eradicate child destitution and encourage the progression of girl child education particular in Northern Nigeria
  • Vision Statement

    To play a leading and impactful role in the lives of several underprivileged children, by addressing the real need of Islamic and western education alongside shelter, food and proper healthcare in our communities thereby leading to the reduction of uneducated and homeless children on our streets.

Genesis of the Foundation

An almajiri is a student who undergoes Islamic lessons from his mallam. The Almajiri system is a noble system of education that entails movement from one location to another to seek for knowledge in a boarding system under the supervision of the mallams. In the past, the mallams and community were totally responsible for upkeep and knowledge.

However, the system has been besmirched over time, particularly in the Northern part of Nigeria with the introduction of child destitution into it. According to The National Council for the Welfare of Destitute (NCWD) there are currently an estimated 7 million almajirai in northern Nigeria. These children are denied western education and therefore disenfranchised for life from gaining formal employment or contesting elective offices. A greater share of the blame for this phenomenon goes to the parents of these children who do not care about general welfare of these children and moral upbringing of their children. While there has to be a concerted effort to tackle the poor parentage aspect, society must however, not fold its arms and say “they have parents who do not care, why should I care?”

Furthermore, the lack of girl child education is yet another prevalent problem in Nigeria with northern Nigeria being hardest hit, having girl child school enrolment rates at 20% in the north east and 25% in the north west. This is a disheartening statistics when compared to the south east, south west and south south geopolitical zones of the country were the girl child school enrolment rates have been recorded at 85%, 85% 75% respectively ( World bank in 2011).The majority of these girls are not only denied their fundamental human rights to education but are also exposes to a verity exploitation such as street hawking and child labour just to mention a few. These children having no formal education to protected and support themselves, may find themselves at the mercy of their male guardians, religious extremism, contagious diseases, STDs and HIV/AIDS. The girl child has to be empowered to be able support and protect herself and her family and to fruitfully contribute to society.

Founded in 2009, The SARDUNA MEDIA CHILD DESTITUTION ERADICATION FOUNDATION is a non-governmental organization founded by Hassan Rilwan, with a firm and solemn resolution to render charitable services (to the Orphans, street and vulnerable children) with interest in education, health, shelter, food, economic empowerment, psycho-social support and to play a major role in the eradication of child destitution and the enhancement of girl child education in Northern Nigeria.

The foundation composes of 60% of child destitute and 40% of orphans drawn from the locality the school is situated. The foundation offers opportunities that enable the beneficiaries acquire quality free Islamic and western education alongside skills acquisition in order to emancipate them from poverty, diseases ignorance, and dependency.

For good measure, we have taken twenty four children off the streets. The choice of Zaria as a launch pad is strategic because of the reputation of Zaria as an Islamic knowledge centre in Africa which therefore attracts the influx of many children seeking knowledge. Besides, Zaria being the home town of the founder